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A History Book to Color

Let's paint the town! Check out this hand drawn coloring book by Patricia Windrow from 1981 entitled "A Children's Guide to the Three Villages, A History Book to Color". Her acknowledgements from the inside cover read: "This book grew out of my work on and illustrating for The Three Village Guidebook, written by Howard Klein and published in 1976 by the The Three Village Historical Society. That book was for adults. Wanting to encourage children to observe and appreciate the beauty and fun of their home towns and perhaps learn a little history, I created this book. My husband, Howard Klein helped with the writing, Bev Tyler and my sons, Adam and Moondi made some helpful suggestions and my neighbor, eleven year old Justine Kohlman said: "The cover has to be in color.""

And with that, here is your cover (in full color) along with the first 2 pages available for download so that you can print and color it in yourself! Post a photo of your finished project using #colorthe3villages

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