Potluck: 6 pm

Lecture: 7 pm


Bring an entree that serves six.

Wine, cheese and dessert will be provided.

When Ward Melville began his plan to construct a compact federal-style shopping center in Stony Brook, there were stores and shops spread out along Main Street, Shore Road (now Dock Road) and Christian Avenue. Main Street in Stony Brook during the 19th and the early part of the 20th century was an active commercial area with a variety of shops. This commercial and then tourist generated activity ended with World War I and Stony Brook became a small, locally-used harbor village.

There is an ADVENTURE TO BE FOUND IN EVERYDAY THINGS. The old, the reconstructed and the new buildings in Stony Brook tell the story about the people who lived there long ago and not so long ago. As we rediscover Stony Brook you will not just be looking at buildings, you will also be looking at the past, its planned future and its present. Enjoy this look at a special community.


Isle of Shells: A History of Long Island Beaches

For centuries, Long Island’s beaches have provided sustenance, relaxation, and inspiration. The coastline is renowned for its sandy Atlantic Ocean surf beaches, calm bayfront beaches, and rugged north shore Long Island Sound beaches. First inhabited by Native Americans, the area was called Sewanhacky ("Isle of Shells") in reverence to the offerings received where the water met the land. Kristen Nyitray will discuss her book Long Island Beaches and present a curated selection of vintage postcards, photographs, and maps that illustrate the diversity of Nassau and Suffolk Counties’ beautiful shores. 

With Guest Speaker

Kristen Nyitray

On This Site - Indigenous Long Island

Setauket: land at the mouth of the river or creek

Please join us for a presentation by enrolled Shinnecock Indian Nation artist and photographer Jeremy Dennis as he discusses local Setauket history as part of his project 'On This Site' which aims to preserve sacred sites spanning 10,000 years to the present throughout Long Island, New York.

With Guest Speaker

Jeremy Dennis

The Alice Parsons' Kidnapping: Long Island's Historic Unsolved Mystery

Direct from the archived investigative files of the FBI: The story of the
1937 kidnapping of heiress Alice McDonell Parsons from her Long Meadow Farm in
Stony Brook, LI shocked the nation and led to one of the most extensive
criminal investigations in the FBI’s history. The news of her kidnapping
from her 22-acre farm would splash across the front page of every major
newspaper in the country. This horrific crime would eventually pit the mind of
one of the FBI’s most talented and experienced Inspectors against the will
of a simple Russian housekeeper.  In the end, only one would win this battle
and in the end, one did.

With Guest Speaker

Steven Drielak

Journey of Hope: The Irish in NY

From the 18th century onwards, dramatic numbers of Irish citizens emigrated to the U.S., often to escape religious persecution and economic hardship. They left the comfort and support of family, friends, and loved ones to arrive in an America that often regarded the Irish as incompatible with American ideals.  We will take a fascinating multimedia look at the history and culture of the Irish of New York from their immigrant beginnings to the present day. Their journey of hope is reflected in the shared experiences of immigrants from around the world coming to America.

With Guest Speaker

Tara Rider

500 Years of Leonardo da Vinci: The Original Renaissance Man

This work focuses on the great master’s scientific and other worldly
approach to art. Specifically, da Vinci was uniquely interested in painting
the human soul. To get there, he scientifically uncovered how the body
works by dissecting cadavers. The Mona Lisa’s smile is thanks to his
exploration of facial muscles. Today, his scientific notebooks are in use
in medical schools. Da Vinci was the first to successfully combine
science with the wonder of God and the natural world. His background
subjects are often placed in natural landscapes which he insisted
informed his art. This lecture will include clips from the movie The Da
Vinci Code.

With Guest Speaker

Ranelle Wolf



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Currently Closed due to COVID-19




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