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To book a program please contact us at 631-751-3730 or


Through interactive demonstrations and historic bike and walking video tours, Three Village Historical Society Education Department makes the exciting, vibrant history of Long Island, including General Washington's Culper Spy Ring (1778-1783), come alive for students.


The Three Village Historical Society offers an interactive and immersive school aged program, specifically designed for elementary and middle school students. This program can be tailored on an individual basis, to accommodate children with special needs or different age groups.

Bringing History to Life!

Walking Tour: The walking tour is a guided exploration of the Original Settlement in Setauket. Students can learn about the history of the Culper Spy Ring and the founding of the Town of Brookhaven.  


Onsite: Students can learn about local history at our exhibits Chicken Hill: A Community Lost to Time and SPIES! How A Group of Long Island Patriots Helped George Washington Win the Revolution.

Please note: Our building has a limited capacity, and we recommend contacting the Education Department to plan your visit. Tour capacity will increase with the completion of the Dominick Crawford Barn: Education & History Center


Walking and Onsite: Combine both experiences for more opportunities to learn about local history.  


In-School: Have TVHS come to you! An educator from the Three Village Historical Society visits your classroom for a PowerPoint presentation and hands-on learning.  

Long Island Spies of the American Revolution 


The Spies Tour is a program that highlights the contributions of 5 people who were part of the efforts of the Culper Spy Ring during the American Revolution. Each of these people grew up in Setauket, NY and they formed a life-long bond that enabled them to trust one another with their lives.


  • Interpret life on Long Island under British occupation.

  • Decode spy letters.

  • Write with invisible ink.

  • Study maps to trace spy routes.

  • The Three Village Historical Society provides all materials related to this program.

Walking OR On Site

$10 student
$ 5 chaperone

Walking AND On Site

$15 student
$10 chaperone

In School

$200 per class

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