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Through interactive demonstrations and historic bike and walking video tours, Three Village Historical Society Education Department makes the exciting, vibrant history of Long Island, including General Washington's Culper Spy Ring (1778-1783), come alive for students.


The Three Village Historical Society offers an interactive and immersive school aged program, specifically designed for elementary and middle school students. Led by Donna Smith, a retired teacher and head of the Three Village Historical Society Education Department, and Beverly Tyler, the Three Village historian, this program can be tailored on an individual basis, to accommodate children with special needs or different age groups.

VIRTUAL BIKE TOUR: Long Island Spies of the American Revolution 


The Spies Virtual Bike Tour is a 5 part video program that highlights the contributions of 5 people who were part of the efforts of the Culper Spy Ring during the American Revolution. Each of these people grew up in Setauket, NY and they formed a life-long bond that enabled them to trust one another with their lives. Each program includes a short video at a site in Setauket, background information, and a coded message for students to decode.


  • Interpret life on Long Island under British occupation.

  • Decode spy letters.

  • Write with invisible ink.

  • Study maps to trace spy routes.

  • The Three Village Historical Society provides all materials related to this program.



After students have completed all 5 parts TVHS educators will conduct a live ZOOM session for 40 minutes.
Program geared to fourth grade students and can be tailored to meet the needs of the class.



Students and teachers are led on an interactive walk throughout the original settlement in Setauket as part of the Town of Brookhaven in a 7 part video series. Each video includes background information, pictures of murals or posters created for this program, questions for students, and puzzles.


At the end of the series, we suggest that the students visit the sites with their families (all of the sites are outside) in the future.


Although the program is primarily about the beginning of Setauket and the Town of Brookhaven, it is also focuses on community, which is applicable to all towns on Long Island.

The program is specifically designed to encourage students to:​

  • Use critical thinking skills to understand what life was like in the early days of Long Island.

  • Explore the nature sanctuary that was once Woodhull’s farm, the Setauket Village Green, Setauket Grist Mill, Patriot’s Rock, as well as Abraham Woodhull’s gravesite.

  • Recognize naturally occurring environmental resources and observe how they were utilized in building the houses and churches of the community, as illustrated by a visit inside the Caroline Church.  

  • Reflect on and discuss questions that helped shape our future.



After students have completed all 7 parts TVHS educators will conduct a live ZOOM session for 40 minutes.

Program geared to fourth grade students and can be tailored to meet the needs of the class.

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Currently Closed due to COVID-19 



Currently Closed due to COVID-19




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