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Utilizing elements from the original 1847 barn, the new­­­ structure, named The Dominick-Crawford Barn Exhibit & Education Center at the Three Village Historical Society will be located in the 2.26 acre field at the Society’s headquarters on 93 N. Country Road in Setauket.


The Exhibit & Education Center will include teaching facilities with necessary tools and aids, exhibit space that will be flexible and interchangeable, as well as archive facilities that will be readily accessible to staff, local educators, students, and the public. The center will allow the Society to supplement the space currently being used at the Emma S. Clark Memorial Library in Setauket and provide accessible, secure storage for the preservation of the Society’s many historical artifacts. The Society also plans for the center to include research space with state-of-the-art capabilities, a meeting room for small and moderate-sized community groups, and facilities for special community activities and events with a maximum occupancy of 183.


The Society, which exists to educate the public about this area’s rich cultural heritage as well as protect and preserve local history, procured the Dominick-Crawford barn which was originally located in Old Field, NY with the express intention of reinstating its structural historic integrity and converting it into usable space for both the organization and the public.

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Thank You for the generous support from:

The Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation and

NY State Assemblyman Steve Englebright

Architect: John Cunniffe Architects

Construction: Improvements By Design

Donations can be made to:

Three Village Historical Society

93 N. Country Road

Setauket, NY 11733

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