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Research Policy

In-person research appointments must be made three weeks in advance and are dependent on staff availability. Researchers are subject to the following policy procedures:

1. Food and drink are not permitted in the archives or near collections. Please consider your own dietary needs when scheduling an archival visit.
2.   Coats and personal items (bags and cases) must be secured on the hooks provided. You may only keep appropriate note taking equipment with you.


3. Pencils only may be used in the archive. Pens, markers, etc. are NOT permitted. Laptop computers and tablets are welcome.

4.  Researchers are not permitted to access collections unassisted. Staff will assist you with finding appropriate materials. 

5.  All library/archival materials must be handled carefully; use only one folder at a time and keep the papers in their existing order. Do not place books or volumes face down or stack open books on top of each other. Do not lean or press on archival materials. Do not trace maps or other records. Please use gloves if you are asked to do so. 

6. No historical materials may be removed from the archives. 

7. Please leave books on the table when done. Do not reshelve unassisted. 


Time Limits

Because researchers to TVHS must be supervised at all times, appointments are for two-hour increments only. Your items will be ready for you when you arrive. We are not able to pull additional items during your appointment time.

Unable to Visit the TVHS?

The Three Village Historical Society offers remote research services for those unable to visit in person. This service is free up to one hour of staff research time. For services that exceed 60 minutes, a support fee - equal to the fee of Individual Membership - will be charged. Due to limited staffing and research request queue, please allow up to three weeks for a response to your research request. All requests must be submitted electronically for clerical organization and each request will be answered in the order they are received.

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