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Staff & Board of Trustees      


Jeffrey Schnee, President

Greg Philipps, Vice President

Ed Miller, Vice President

Judi Wallace, Treasurer

Dotty Miller, Recording Secretary

Shamma Murphy, Corresponding Secretary

Stephen Healy, Immediate Past President


Brian Bennett

Holly Brainard

Patty Cain

Ron LaVita

Orlando Maione

Vinny Menten

Michael O'Dwyer

David Prestia

Christina Tortora

David Tracy


Mari Irizarry, Director

Lindsey Steward-Goldberg, Education Coordinator

Steve Hintze, Grants Administrator

Marcia Seaman, Book Keeper

Donna Smith, Education Committee Chair

Beverly Tyler, TVHS Historian

Mission Statement

The Three Village Historical Society works within the community to explore local history through education. Educational programs are developed by collecting and preserving artifacts, documents, and other materials of local significance and by doing research about history of the people who have lived in the Three Village area from earliest habitation to the present.

Education Committee

Donna Smith, Chair

Bev Tyler

Lindsey Steward-Goldberg

Barbara Russell

Human Resources Committee

Shamma Murphy, Chair

Jeff Schnee

Ron LaVita

Judi Wallace

Orlando Maione

Ed Miller

Steve Healy

Collections Committee

Bonnie Marie Sauer, Collections Chair

Christina Tortora, Oral History Chair

Frank Turano, Exhibits Chair

Barbara Russell

Investments Committee

Ron LaVita

Christina Spano

Greg Phillipps

Jeff Schnee

Patty Yantz

Bob Lauto

Steve Healy

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