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SPIES! How A Group of  Long Island Patriots Helped 
George Washington Win the Revolution

Admission: $5 Children and Students, $10 Adults. Members Free.

(Includes both Chicken Hill and SPIES! Exhibits)

This interactive exhibit presents the little know Culper Spy Ring, centered in Setauket, that was active during the American Revolution from 1778 to 1783.  
George Washington suffered heavy losses at the beginning of the war for independence from the British. He soon realized that credible information about British troop movements was vital in preparing a successful campaign.  

After the capture and execution of his spy, Nathan Hale, Washington asked Benjamin Tallmadge, his Chief of Intelligence, to organize a spy ring, now known as the Culper Spy Ring. 

Interactive Software

With fun filled educational games

Hands-on Activities

Writing with quill pens & invisible ink

Decoding Spy Letters

Using Tallmadge’s Spy Code

Guided Walking Tours

Tours of Historic Setauket where the spies lived and were active.


Children experimenting with invisible ink at TVHS with Education Director, Donna Smith

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