Trustee Job Description 

A member of the Board of Trustees of the Three Village Historical Society is elected for a  term of three years.  No person shall serve as a Trustee for more than three consecutive, three-year terms. But any person may again serve as a Trustee after a lapse of one year. Trustees may resign at any time by delivering written notice to the Corresponding Secretary of the Board.

The primary responsibility of a Trustee is to maintain vigilance over the activities of the Society in policy and financial matters.

To that end, the following is expected of every Trustee:


  1. To attend Board Meetings regularly and attentively.  Board meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month (no meeting in August). Additional meetings may be called if a situation requires the attention of the Board.  If a Trustee must be excused from a meeting, they are expected to notify the President or the office staff prior to the meeting. Unexcused absence from three (3) consecutive Board meetings shall be considered a resignation from the Board.

  2. To review the by-laws in order to be certain the conditions therein are met.  To vote upon changes in the by-laws.

  3. To understand the mission of the Society as defined in the Mission Statement and to establish, revise, and oversee the enactment of a long-range plan for the Society in order to ensure that the mission of the organization is addressed by appropriate action.

  4. To be familiar with the property, personnel and programs of the Society and to view at firsthand its activities.

  5. To be familiar enough with all business which comes before the Board to vote wisely, and to solicit outside advice, as a Board, when appropriate.

  6. To review all written materials and minutes of the Board and to ratify those minutes.

  7. Take an active role in the development and growth of fund-raising programs for the Society and to review such programs on an annual basis to see if the goals are being met and if necessary, to make appropriate changes.

  8. To fill a “leadership role” for financial support by maintaining a membership at the contributing level of dues support, of at least $100 annually, as well as supporting fund-raising events during the year.   

  9. To serve on at least one committee, as appointed by the President, and to ensure that the committee executes its assigned  responsibilities.  

  10. To perpetuate a responsible Board by suggesting, to the Nominating Committee, qualified people for election as members of the Board of TrusteesAnd - to actively promote the Organization within the Community.

Approved:  October 6, 1993


Steve Healy, President

Patty Cain, Vice-President

Jeffrey Schnee, Vice-President

Cathy White , Recording Secretary

Christina Klug, Treasurer

Holly Brainard

Barbara Gottfried

Robert Lauto

Ron LaVita

Orlando Maione

Janet McCauley

Dorothy Miller

Ed Miller

Michael O’Dwyer

Greg Philipps

Guy Radke

Kevin Scanlon

Donna Smith, Director of Education

Beverly Tyler, TVHS Historian

Mari Irizarry, Creative Services Manager

Steve Hintze, Grants Administrator

Marcia Seaman, Bookeeper

Frank Turano, Exhibits Director

Mission Statement

The Three Village Historical Society works within the community to explore local history through education. Educational programs are developed by collecting and preserving artifacts, documents, and other materials of local significance and by doing research about history of the people who have lived in the Three Village area from earliest habitation to the present.